Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New startup needs witty education writers

Passing along this message from an NABJ member:

Hello all,

My name is Lawrence Ross and I'm about to launch a new Gawker like blog that covers education (goes live in about a month). I'm looking for writers who have a casual voice, understand both witty and snark, and can deliver short pieces (150-200 words) in a timely fashion. We're an aggregator, so we're updating the blog with education stories every fifteen minutes, so I need writers who can read stories, understand them, then translate them to our readers...with attitude. We're not interested in what you learned in journalism school (well sorta). We want writers who understand that we're covering education with multiple voices: sometimes gossipy, mostly irreverently, always smart...and 1/1000th of the time...serious.

And the best thing...there's no pay! Wait, I can feel the frowns on your face when you read that. Well, that's the reality. There's no pay, no promise of pay, nor will we commit to ever paying anyone. That said, we're going to do a number of things that you might not get elsewhere. One, where going to try to promote our best writers as much as possible. Two, we're going to get heavy hitter interview subjects for our best writers to interview. And along with pushing along stories like Gawker/Deadspin/
HuffingtonPost, we're also looking to break stories too. So if you're game, contact me. I'll ask for a writing sample based on a story I send you. Thanks!

Lawrence C. Ross, Jr.
The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities
Twitter: @alpha1906

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